Sunday, October 20, 2013

Skins vs. Bear: The Great, the Good, and the Not-So-Good

The Skins beat a solid team, and hope remains that the Skins can still make something of this season. Still, today's wild win against the Bears had almost as many lows as highs.

The Great
  • Jordan Reed.  The Skins rookie tight end out of Florida not only had 9 catches for 134 yards and a TD, but 0 drops (which cannot be said for the Skin's core of veteran receivers).  
  • Rushing Game.  More than 200 yards on the ground between Alfred Morris, RGIII, and Roy Helu.

The Good
  • Defense.  The defense looked great in the 1st half, and even scored 7 points.  Then they looked terrible in the 2nd half against the Bears' backup QB.
  • RGIII.  He's making more plays with is feet, but his passing accuracy and decision-making are still a tad off.  His deep TD pass to Robinson was neither smart nor well-thrown, and worked because two defenders fell down.

The Not-So-Good
  • Special Teams. The Skins give up another big kick return.  And the Skins players do not exactly sound confident in their special teams coach.  
  • Santana Moss.  No catches, and a big drop on a key 3rd down play.  


  1. Yeah nothing good to say about that Denver game....

    And then this... Sigh...

  2. Couldn't muster the effort anymore? I can't say I blame you.

  3. This is the kind of garbage that RG3 got away with in college that doesn't fly in the NFL...

  4. Yes, frustrating few weeks to say the least :)

    Honestly, that up-for-grabs ball wasn't the worst decision by RGIII. The Skins were out of timeouts, and he was about to be sacked. If he takes the sack tons of time runs off the clock leaving the Skins one chance at a Hail Mary. RGIII essentially took that Hail Mary early, and if it was incomplete the Skins would have had time for additional plays.